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Avi Sinensky is a fat Polish Jew

Avi Sinensky is a FAT POLiSH Jew who rapes prostitutes for money. He is HIV positive and has Genital Warts all over his face and Hepatitis from never getting vaccinated because he is too Jewish and Cheap. This f*****g Polack has no p***s preferring an inny smells like s**t from never showering because he is […]
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Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person, Washington

Heidi Weick – Washington

This chick can’t stay faithful to anyone and she’s a major gold digger. Was in a six-year relationship and screwed him over to the tune of the cost of a Lexus. She screwed another guy over for a computer, a vacation, jewelry, and clothes. After she got what she wanted from him she went back […]
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