A FRAUD, Complaint Against a Person

Ashley Abanilla – Slept her way to the top

Ashley Abanilla was an intern working at Zimmer Biomet in Parsippany, NJ when she decided to go after a TAKEN higher up senior employee to get herself hired. Shes a gold digger who can’t get a job on her own and will sleep with anyone and break up any family just to try and get […]
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A FRAUD, Complaint Against a Person

Tri-State Disaster: Mindy Murray & Khloe

These girls are known for using people, always acting like they’re at work 24/7. They use every guy and girl for money and will show interest in you as long as you buy them something or take them somewhere. They use any and every man and woman that will spend money on them. Mindy Murray […]
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A FRAUD, Complaint Against a Person

Judy Genshaft Honors

Cancer = Party Time, Adultery, Secret Lovers, Telling Funding Requests You’re Paying Medical Bills DR. CATHERINE WILKINS (Director of Medical Humanities Curriculum at USF) While her “loved one” and “fiancé” (as she called them on résumés and funding requests) was battling cancer alone, bald, fighting for life through myleotoxicity and no immune system… Dr. Wilkins: […]
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A FRAUD, Complaint Against a Person

Chad Quimby rapist

Chad Quimby is a rapist that posted this out of spite because Elle made it public that she was raped by this piece of shit. He is a abusive insane sexual predator. Be careful of this psycho master manipulator monster. Gross is an understatement. This rapey mother fucker will hurt you. He molested me and […]
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A FRAUD, Complaint Against a Person

Darren Ambler/ Sex addict- Drug abuser/ Prostitute- Herpes carrier/ Fathered possibly another child (Katelyn Ann Ambler): NJ

Soon I will know if my Katelyn can be offically called Katelyn Ambler. As much as it pains me and others, I am afraid Darren Ambler also fathered my little girl. This was during one of Darren Ambler’s sick Sexual Pornographic Bindges which he has all the time. Darren is a True Sex and Drug/ […]
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