Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person, Georgia

Jason Isaac — Stockbridge, Georgia

Ladies please please beware of this lying. cheating, manipulating, narcissistic, man. Jason is originally from the Virgin Islands, he just turned 41 years old his birthday is November 7th, he has 5 kids one of whom lives here in Atlanta also. He lives in his sister’s basement, and uses numerous websites to prey 011 women […]
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California, Complaint Against a Person


Mark Morse is obsessed with sending D**K PIXS! It is beyound nasty at this point. I don’t want to see his NASTY p***s. He takes you out on a date and then sends you countless p***s photos. I had to block him! I think he has a chick too! So thats why I am putting […]
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Cheaters, Illinois

Johnny Barnes — Westville, Illinois

This guy is a manipulator, sweet talker, outgoing personality knows all the right things to say to hook you. He is a narsassistic, manipulative, verbally and emotionally abuse sociopath! has major stealing problems from stores, has a criminal record, check it out. verbally and emotionally abused me and our kids for 12 years and it […]
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